You can get Geobaza Lite version free of charge! The only difference from the full version is that you get only country name and region geolocation by the IP-address. Only cities in Novgorod region (Russia) are identified without limitations.

To check if the Geobaza is implemented correctly, enter, for instance, IP address that belongs to Novgorod region.

Files for Download

v16.12, 12/19/2016

SHA1: 4a18532ca82d32f0da8b88cfa34df0ba8dfeae7e

v1., 11/12/2015

SHA1: 7f7d954eb42dc8583c7bcea1ee4dd5bbfc99f25d

v1.0, 11/07/2011

SHA1: de468ad8d1b009003cc1b37364a16a530501f5d3

v1., 11/12/2015

SHA1: 34906076a2e81dabd7735133fc144833037e20ea

v1.0, 11/07/2011

SHA1: 5907f39291147ebaf5611f54c88219dbf1ad42b7


Distributed under the new-style BSD License. See LICENSE file in the distribution archive.

Upgrading to Full Version of Geobaza

After buying full version, you should replace a database file by the one you get with the purchase.