What is Geobaza

Geobaza is the software for identifying geolocation by IP-address, developed and supported by CN-Software Ltd. Taking a certain IP-address, Geobaza outputs its local registration data—a country and a city with geographic coordinates.

Geobaza database optionally includes: object identifier ISO 3166, translations, up-to-date information about population size and official languages.

Geobaza distribution kit includes: database as a binary file, database in CSV format, open-source API for different programming languages.


  • Includes 3,005,241 records (IP-addresses ranges) by 11/01/2015 (+0.040%)
  • Database files are in standard binary format
  • Monthly updates
  • Open-source API in C/С++, Python, Perl, PHP, .NET
  • Geographical names in different languages: English, Russian, and others (optional)
  • Details about the place
  • Names of places in English, Russian, and language of a country where the current IP-address is registered (optional)
  • Object type (country, region, city, etc)
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Population size (optional)
  • Official language (optional)
  • High speed of processing—about 10000 requests per second
  • Autonomy and security—the module is stored on your site and does not call the external sources while working

Want to see how Geobaza works—take an online tour. For detailed technical description read the docs.

Download Geobaza Lite for Free!

Download a free version: Geobaza Lite. Geobaza Lite differs from the full version by identifying only country and region according to the provided IP-address. To download Geobaza Lite, go to downloads page.

Buy Geobaza

To buy Geobaza, go to the online store (http://cn-software.com/shop/).

Once the product is purchased, you will receive an e-mail with the access data to your account at our official web-site within one working day. There, you will be able to download the Geobaza file. The letter is sent to the e-mail address specified by you when paying the invoice.